Who are these photographers?

Photographs in this collection came from a national call for submissions to emerging CANADIAN photographers. The images were selected by a jury of creative industry experts.  

How can I be in the know for future PhotoEd PLATFORM updates?

Great question. Keep up with developments on this shiney new thing via:




What are the options for purchasing these photos?

Images in the collection are available for public sale as:

  1. High quality 11x14 inch fine art prints. Profits from print sales are divided equally between the PhotoEd Platform & the artist. *
  2. Low-res digital images for PERSONAL use as desktop / mobile wallpaper. 100% of the profits from these sales will be donated to FOODBANKS CANADA. ($5./ image download)
  3. Images available for commercial license. License fees will vary according to usage. Profits from commercial license sales are divided equally between the PhotoEd Platform & the artist.*

*CONTACT US!  to inquire about licensing images for commercial use AND/ OR if you would like to purchase larger sized prints at : rita@photoedplatform.ca

Why are Digital Downloads $5. + tax?

In short, credit cards/ banks/ online transaction fees. While we are doing our best to accumulate enough micro-payments to make a difference to those in need, there ain't no forgiveness by way of online transaction fees. Rest assured, 100% of any money taken (aside from the inescapable fees) from the sale of our low-res digital downloads goes to FOODBANKS CANADA. Aside from a wee donation to a great cause, you are also virtually supporting an emerging artist in Canada, so you should feel VERY good about that.