Katrina Piacek 'Pink Fog' for Food Banks Canada

Katrina Piacek 'Pink Fog' for Food Banks Canada


For a min. $5. donation to FOODBANKS CANADA - this image can be downloaded for personal use as digital wallpaper - on your phone/ computer as a screensaver. YES, we will remove the watermark when you have made your purchase.

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Katrina Piacek is a 23 year old unsure artist. Unsure if that is even a label she feels comfortable with. She is sure however, that she is an explorer and a collector of moments. She is passionate about getting lost in the world and taking her camera with her.

This image from her “Moments” series represents a token from travel, when she felt nourished physically and mentally by the beauty of the planet.  Piacek states, “I believe getting lost nourishes our souls and helps us to clear our minds and just be present to what is in front of us.”

Instagram: @katrina.piacek