Linda Briskin 'Aqua Botanica I' For Food Banks Canada

Linda Briskin 'Aqua Botanica I' For Food Banks Canada


For a min. $5. donation to FOODBANKS CANADA - this image can be downloaded for personal use as digital wallpaper - on your phone/ computer as a screensaver. YES, we will remove the watermark when have made your purchase.

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Linda Briskin is a Toronto-based photographer with ever-shifting photographic enthusiasms: light, lines, shadows and the play of figure-ground; the juxtaposition of objects and reflections; the ambiguities in what we choose to see; the permeability between the remembered and the imagined; and colourscapes that remind us that landscape is invented through our gaze. She is intrigued by the capacity of photography to capture movement and to create alternative realities. Images in the series ‘Aqua Botanica’ honour the ephemeral offerings from the sea. Each photograph preserves seaweed washed up on the western shores of Newfoundland, and attempts to capture both its essence and its dimensionality. This series speaks to the capacity of photography to preserve, transform and re-imagine found objects.


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