Jeff Buchanan 'I am Alive' - fine art print

Jeff Buchanan 'I am Alive' - fine art print


Print size: 11 x 16 inches.

Prints purchased on the PhotoEd Platform are proudly printed by Circuit Gallery in Toronto.

Circuit Gallery is concerned with producing top-quality fine art works. Prints are digitally printed with archival pigment inks on fine art papers. The ink and paper combination have a display permanence rating of 150+ years and are considered "archival".

(yes, of course, the watermark will not appear on the print that you purchase)

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Jeff Buchanan

Jeff Buchanan


Jeff Buchanan is an Angus, Ontario resident shooter with a military background.

 “Photography is my outlet. It allows me to pour my inner thoughts, views, frustrations and failures out on paper. I aim to challenge the status quo and create thought provoking images that push the boundaries of what society considers acceptable topics of discussion”.  


“Linsay is a friend of mine that I wanted to photograph two years ago, unfortunately she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today she is in remission. I have been following journey her on social media throughout her treatment. She has never once complained. I was (and still am) extremely inspired”.

Great concept. The message is clear.
— Dolores Gubasta - Photo Editor- KlixPix
A strong image. Compelling subject matter and nice post work. Kudos.
— Derek Shapton - Photographer
Powerful subject.
— Jean-François Proulx - Art Director
Well done. Sensitive and strong.
— Thomas Bouquin - Photo Researcher/ Photographer
— Nuno Silva - Stocksy United