Michelle Bruce 'Nourish the Earth' - fine art print

Michelle Bruce 'Nourish the Earth' - fine art print


Print size: 11 x 14 inches.

Prints purchased on the PhotoEd Platform are proudly printed by Circuit Gallery in Toronto.

Circuit Gallery is concerned with producing top-quality fine art works. Prints are digitally printed with archival pigment inks on fine art papers. The ink and paper combination have a display permanence rating of 150+ years and are considered "archival".

(yes, of course, the watermark will not appear on the print that you purchase)

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       Michelle Bruce

      Michelle Bruce

Michelle Bruce is a student of light and a visual storyteller. She creates images beyond the scope of snapshots. Her self-portrait looks to create a statement about nourishment of the soul, body and mind, and where this process begins. It starts with the earth. We all start from the earth, we depend on it, we thrive within it and ultimately return to it. Nourishing ones self includes your environment. Acknowledging this allows an abundance of possibilities on all spectrums, spiritually and physically and you will blossom.

Bruce studies her craft at the Niagara College, Digital Photography program in Welland, Ontario.

Nice composition and great idea.
— Dolores Gubasta - Photo Editor - KlixPix
A striking image.
— Janetta Dancer - Art Manager
Definitely an anti-snapshot if ever there was one. Intriguing.
— Derek Shapton - Photographer
Conceptual and unexpected. This image is outside the box.
— Alexis Marie Chute - Curator